FluidFM® BOT BIO Series

Break-through stand-alone systems for single cell experiments in biological and pharmaceutical research.

The FluidFM BIO Series offers tailored systems to your problem – from single cell gene editing to drug research and toxicology on a single cell level. Discover how FluidFM can help you in your field:


The BIO Series enables unprecedented single cell experiments based on the patented FluidFM technology. Inject into single cells, edit their genome, isolate cells from a culture and much more with these cutting-edge systems:

FluidFM BIO Series

Working principle of the BIO Series products shown with nano-injection into adherent cells.

built for cell biology


Coming with a fully integrated incubation environment for extended cell studies: 37°C and CO2 control.


Fully compatible with standard cell culture containers from petri-dishes to 2x24 well plates.

Bio optics

Automated 3 color epi-fluorescence, with research grade optics.

Built-in cell know-how

Coming with a comprehensive database of protocols and appropriate parameter for all popular cell lines.

Stay in control

Continuous visual feedback on your cells also during the manipulation.